A.I. Shakeup Microsoft scores coup by snapping up Sam Altman from OpenAI

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A.I. Shakeup Microsoft scores coup by snapping up Sam Altman from OpenAI
A.I. Shakeup Microsoft scores coup by snapping up Sam Altman from OpenAI
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It was a crazy weekend for OpenAI and ChatGPT, as co-founder Sam Altman was fired by the board of directors, and almost immediately hired by Satya Nadal at Microsoft. One of the pioneers of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now part of one of the largest companies in the world.

Also on the program today, the latest US Leading Indicator has been published by the Conference Board, and it’s pointing to a mild recession. Also, we have a scandal brewing in Canada and Annette Verschuren has resigned from her role with Sustainable Development Technology Canada. Elon Musk and Twitter (X) are under fire again, with a long list of companies pulling advertising, including Disney, Apple, Sony, Comcast, IBM, and more. Finally on the show today, GenZ workers will soon be taking over from the baby boomers when it comes to the workforce.

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