DJI Pocket 3 screen issue This may be why

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DJI Pocket 3 screen issue This may be why
DJI Pocket 3 screen issue This may be why
Before I get started on the DJI Pocket 3 screen issue & This may be why, I want to mention how much I am really enjoying the DJI Osmo Pocket 3 and how I really think it’s a powerhouse of a pocket sized camera.
With that being said, there have been some people that have developed a screen issue with the Pocket 3, some right after 1st taking it out of the box after receiving it, some that got this issue after a few days or weeks of using it.
It basically makes the screen useless for turning on/off or for switching from vertical or horizontal video and I don’t know if DJI is using magnets inside to lock the screen or if it’s a spring mechanism of some type, but I’m sure someone will do a disassemble video of a Pocket 3 to show how the screen works and what the issue is ( It would be a VIRAL video for sure) !
Here are my thoughts on what /”might/” be causing the issue with the DJI Pocket 3’s screen.
Tell me in the comment section your thoughts and if it has happened to you!

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