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Git and GitHub for Beginners - Crash Course
Git and GitHub for Beginners – Crash Course
Learn about Git and GitHub in this tutorial. These are important tools for all developers to understand. Git and GitHub make it easier to manage different software versions and make it easier for multiple people to work on the same software project.

This course was developed by Gwen Faraday. Check out her YouTube channel:

Git Commands:
Install git:
SSH Keys:

️ Contents ️
️ (0:00) Introduction
️ (1:10) What is git?
️ (1:30) What is version control?
️ (2:10) Terms to be learn in video
️ (5:20) Git commands
️ (7:05) sign up in GitHub
️ (11:32) using git in local machine
️ (11:54) git install
️ (12:48) getting code editor
️ (13:30) inside VS Code
️ (14:30) cloning through VS Code
️ (17:30) git commit command
️ (18:15) git add command
️ (19:15) committing
️ (20:20) git push command
️ (20:30) SSH Keys
️ (25:25) git push
️ (30:21) Review workflow so far
️ (31:40) Compare between GitHub workflow and local git workflow
️ (32:42) git branching
️ (56:30) Undoing in git
️ (1:01:50) Forking in git
️ (1:07:55) Ending

Thanks to Harsh Raj for creating these time codes and section descriptions.

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