How To Clean Your Mac 2020

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How To Clean Your Mac 2020
How To Clean Your Mac 2020
How To Clean Your Mac To Free Up Disc Space, Remove Duplicate Photos, Optimize Your Mac’s Settings, Remove Malware, and hopefully make you smile.


Are you quarantined? Have some time to kill? This is the PERFECT time to CLEAN YOUR MAC! In this video, David will show you where to go in your Mac to find all those junky files that you probably didn’t even realize were taking up space. He’ll also show you how to use several apps (free & paid solutions) to help find things like duplicate photos in the Apple Photos App, and more.

Before you watch this class I highly recommend you start by backing up your Mac with Time Machine. This is a good idea because Time Machine now has the ability to keep local backup files which will not clear until you connect your backup drive to your Mac.

Let me know in the comments section how much space you got back after watching this video!


App Cleaner For Mac (FREE)


Daisy Disk (APP)

Daisy Disk (Free Tutorial)

Onyx For Mac (FREE)

Malwarebytes For Mac (NOTE: This link will automatically apply a special discount!!)

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A Note About The Links Above
Any apps or products that I recommend are true recommendations. Some of these links are affiliate links, but that is because I ONLY do business with companies who make products I actually believe in.

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