How To Delete 'Other' Files From Mac

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How To Delete 'Other' Files From Mac
How To Delete 'Other' Files From Mac
Let me show you how to delete other files on your Mac. This may be taking hundreds of gigabytes of storage on your Mac. You can find it by clicking the apple logo, choosing about this Mac, and selecting storage.

Here, you’ll see a grey bar showing the amount of storage taken up by “other” storage.

If you click manage, you won’t be able to delete other files or remove anything from that section. It will only show how much storage it is taken up.

One thing I recommend before doing this. First, make sure to backup your Mac to a time machine. All you need to do this is an external hard drive.

Here is a dedicated Time Machine video if you haven’t backed up your Mac before.

In order to delete other files on Mac, you need to download software. There is no other easy way to remove files.

You can try CleanMyMacX for free.
This is my affiliate link and I’ve been using this app for over five years.

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