How To Fix Audio Crackling For Discord And Voicemeeter Banana

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How To Fix Audio Crackling For Discord And Voicemeeter Banana
How To Fix Audio Crackling For Discord And Voicemeeter Banana
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Want to learn how to fix crackling or popping audio on windows? Here’s the best fix for discord audio crackling – works on Voicemeeter and Voicemeeter banana too. Fixing audio crackling and popping audio is a must! Subscribe #voicemeeter #discord #crackling
Project Lasso –

What is Audiodg? –

0:00 Intro
0:33 How To Pause Windows Updates
1:05 How To Disable Windows Updates
2:15 What is Audiodg.exe?
3:06 How to priorite audiodg.exe
4:38 Process Lasso Quick Overview
5:36 Process Lasso Configuration

For many content creators, cackling audio is like a parasite. We spend hours if not days trying to figure out how to fix audio crackling, popping and lagging problems in windows 10. If you use a voicemeeter, you’ve probably had isssues with voicemeeter crackling audio too. When we have discord audio problems in windows 10, we usually reboot to see if that would fix the popping audio but that doesn’t always help. This tutorial is a discord audio fix and voicemeeter audio crackling fix as well.

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