macOS 14 Sonoma on a 15 year old Mac (classic Mac Pro 2008)

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macOS 14 Sonoma on a 15 year old Mac (classic Mac Pro 2008)
macOS 14 Sonoma on a 15 year old Mac (classic Mac Pro 2008)
macOS Sonoma is out and OpenCore Legacy Patcher as of a few days ago has been updated to support it. I decided to put Sonoma on the oldest computer I own to see how well it’d work.


0:00 Intro and specs
1:37 Quick OpenCore overview
2:00 From Snow Leopard to High Sierra
4:17 Installing OCLP
6:05 Big Sur to Sonoma
7:02 Part 2! Running Sonoma
7:50 4k!?!
8:25 New Sonoma features
9:28 Testing the problem apps
10:11 The bugs I found…
11:56 Testing out games
12:57 PlayStation 2 & PS3 Emulation
13:57 Uningine Heaven Benchmarks 10.9 vs 14
14:35 Phoronix Benchmarks
16:46 Pixelmator Pro
17:30 USB 1.1 & USBc
17:59 Testing Apple Compressor and Motion
18:55 Should you upgrade?
19:37 Closing thoughts

This video shows the full process it took for me to take a mediocre specced Mac Pro 2008 from OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard all the way to macOS 14 and all the bumps in the road along the way.

The second half of the video is dedicated to testing out Sonoma, including benchmarking, running various software and games.

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Beer consumed:
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Most people think Oregon and think IPAs, but if you ask me what our best strength is wild ferments/Belgian inspired beers as there’s multiple sour specialists here.

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