macOS Big Sur – Safari Settings [Tutorial]

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macOS Big Sur - Safari Settings [Tutorial]
macOS Big Sur – Safari Settings [Tutorial]
macOS Big Sur – Safari Settings [Tutorial]

Safari’s extensions have not changed a great deal, but macOS Big Sur has made finding new ones easier — and enables developers to bring even more.

Previously on the Safari web browser it’s been a long way behind Google Chrome in its ability to have extensions. You could get third-party utilities that would slot into Safari and extend its functionality in some way, but compared to Chrome, there were few of these extensions.

Right not, there still are only few. But what Apple has done with Safari in macOS Big Sur is going to help it catch up.

We can’t see very much of a difference yet, but the changes are under the hood. Developers can now use Apple tools to convert their existing libraries of Chrome extensions into ones that work with Safari.

There are some visual improvements we can see immediately, but what’s could happen is that Safari extensions will become much more part of everyone’s use of the browser. If you’ve never used extensions before — or if you’re a Chrome user whose favorite extensions have just come to Safari – here’s how you get and use them.

Issues addressed in this tutorial:
safari settings for this website
safari settings allow cookies
safari settings advanced
safari settings block pop ups
safari browser settings
best safari settings
safari browser cookie settings
safari touch bar settings
safari settings cookies
safari settings clear cache
safari settings camera and microphone access
safari settings cookies mac
safari settings clear history
safari default settings mac
default safari settings
safari download settings
safari settings enable cookies
safari settings for meet

This tutorial will apply for MacBook Pro, Air, Mini’s running the macOS operating system. This tutorial was performed on a macOS Big Sur system.

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