[MACOS DOWNGRADE] How to Downgrade MacOS Sonoma to Ventura without Data Loss (M1/M2/Intel)

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[MACOS DOWNGRADE] How to Downgrade MacOS Sonoma to Ventura without Data Loss (M1/M2/Intel)
[MACOS DOWNGRADE] How to Downgrade MacOS Sonoma to Ventura without Data Loss (M1/M2/Intel)
macOS Sonoma develper beta just released. Some of you guys may install it on your Mac and find it now working well. So here is how to downgrade macOS Sonoma to Ventura without bootable installer. Get 4DDiG Mac(https://bit.ly/3ClIQpc) if you need to recover data from Mac after reinstall.

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00:41 Erase macOS Sonoma beta installation
01:39 Install macOS Ventura

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In WWDC 23, Apple brings new macOS Sonoma with so many amazing features. You may have tried it out. But some users may find that this beta version doesn’t work well on their computer. So, this video is how to downgrade macOS Sonoma beta to Ventura.

Step 1: Connect backup to Mac
Before started, it’s important to note that downgrading your macOS involves erasing your current installation and restoring from a backup. Ensure that you have a recent backup of your data before proceeding. If you used Time Machine to backup your computer, connect the external storage you set as Time Machine to your Mac

Step 2: Erase current installation
To downgrade macOS Sonoma to previous version, you need to erase current installation first. Restart your Mac, and hold Power button to enter Recovery Mode. If you use an Intel Mac, press and hole Command R to enter Recovery Mode. Then go to Disk Utility to erase your Mac.

Step 3: Install macOS Ventura
After erasing, your Mac will restart. Connect it to the internet and activate. Then you can go to Recovery. Here you will get Reinstall macOS Ventura option. Click it and follow the installer to install macOS Ventura.

If you didn’t backup your Mac and lose all your data, we recommend 4DDiG for Mac to recover data from formatted hard drive: https://bit.ly/3ClIQpc

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