When Should You SHUT DOWN Your Mac? (it might surprise you)

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When Should You SHUT DOWN Your Mac? (it might surprise you)
When Should You SHUT DOWN Your Mac? (it might surprise you)
How often should you shut down or restart your Mac? Should you let it sleep instead? In this video I explore this topic in greater detail and also give my opinion on why you should NOT shut down your Mac every time you are finished using it!

Your Mac performs a number of beneficial tasks and processes while it sleeps, and if you prevent this from happening, you may find your Mac’s performance may suffer. I personally very rarely shut down my own M1 MacBook Air, and I’ll share with you my reasoning.

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00:00 Introduction
00:35 Why You Shouldn’t Shut Down Every Time
02:26 Why You Should Hibernate Instead
02:32 Hibernating/Sleep Mode Is Much Faster
02:54 Why Sleep Mode Is Good For Your Mac
04:13 Sleep Mode Uses Very Little Power
04:38 Sleep Mode is Good For Batteries
05:07 macOS Doesn’t Need To Be Shut Down Often
05:26 How Often Do I Shut Down My Own Mac?

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