Why this GPTK update will change Mac gaming FOREVER

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Why this GPTK update will change Mac gaming FOREVER
Why this GPTK update will change Mac gaming FOREVER
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Quick video about the recent update to GPTK 1.1 was exclusive to CodeWeavers for 2 whole days, and what this might mean for Apple’s strategy on Mac gaming in the future – could Apple be investing in its own Proton-like compatibility layer for macOS in collaboration with CodeWeavers?

Will be doing a full Game Porting Toolkit 1.1 video once it is fully released. In the mean-time check this CrossOver CXPatcher video tutorial: https://youtu.be/e9mDwm9bQww

00:00 GPTK 1.1 was EXCLUSIVE to CrossOver?
01:04 History of Game Porting Toolkit
02:29 D3DMetal licensing changed
03:01 Mac gaming needs Windows games
03:37 CrossOver and Windows gaming on Mac
04:31 Apple and CodeWeaver’s goals are opposed
05:05 Why are Apple and CodeWeavers working together?
06:03 What it means for the future of Mac gaming
07:21 Apple could make ‘Proton-for-Mac’

Master M1 game compatibility list: https://www.applegamingwiki.com/wiki/M1_compatible_games_master_list
Please join me on Discord here: https://discord.gg/28CAAr6SpB
Check out AppleGamingWiki: https://applegamingwiki.com

Record screen audio and gameplay (Mac): https://youtu.be/i6UewWGWfe0
Set 16:9 aspect ratio (Mac): https://youtu.be/TtKNqoCbOaI
Highlight mouse cursor (Mac): https://youtu.be/jDJECtQO97Y
Display keystrokes (Mac): https://youtu.be/1MRQ9DmxmU0
Snap windows (Rectangle, Mac): https://youtu.be/qUPSnDYJU6A
OBS setup (Mac): https://youtu.be/rpYxhzlaDj8
Temperature/fan monitor (Mac): https://youtu.be/ovnDeHiXnKU
Microphone setup (Blue Yeti): https://youtu.be/81DsMgR2Qd4
Greenscreen setup (OBS): https://youtu.be/mO4QhV-1rKo
Note-taking (Notion, Mac): https://youtu.be/DaMPeS8Bet8
Highlight mouse cursor (Windows): https://youtu.be/kM0RgM7TDFc
DIY 2TB SSD USB-C (Mac and Windows): https://youtu.be/43X3Mk5vQK4

Windows gaming on Mac:
Windows on M1 Mac Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?vnVxzCteaWnc
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